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These are clearly the best oranges I have ever tasted! WOW! Sliced my first one with a bit of skepticism and thought, 'no way the best ever as everyone has stated'. I humbly admit I was wrong. WOW....

Keswick, VA

For those who have not experienced the best naval oranges on the planet, I want to share this knowledge with you. They are fantastic. When we buy naval oranges in the store or the vegetable stand, they are hit or miss. Sometimes they are woody, sometimes they are not very juicy, and half the time they are not very sweet. Not true with Arnott Farm's oranges. They are all sweet, juicy and wonderful.

Carlsbad, CA

They are the absolute best oranges I've ever tasted! Thanks.

Fort Mill, SC

These are clearly the best oranges in the world...if you have not purchased some you should.

Keswick, VA

I spoke with my brother John this morning and he received the oranges! He says, 'they are the best oranges he's ever tasted.' Even his 8 year old son, who doesn't like fruit, loves them.


Everyone absolutely loved your oranges. They talked about them all of the time and someone was always grabbing another one to enjoy. They also looked beautiful.

Tewksbury, MA

We are down to just 7 oranges from the 30 lbs that we received two weeks ago. They truly are the absolute best we've ever eaten. Many thanks for making them available. We will be reordering next week.

South Bend, IN

We live in Southern California where good citrus should be a no-brainer. That is only the case when we get ours from Arnott Farms.

Carlsbad, CA

Nice to finally get a navel orange that tastes like they did 10-15 years ago....sweet, juicy, aromatic. Also they are relatively easy to peel. I had stopped buying navel oranges the last couple of years due to poor and declining quality. They have been dry, impossible to peel and have had no flavor. Now, I have a source of good old fashioned California navel oranges. Thanks!

Monterey, CA

So the oranges arrived this morning. We gave them out [to everyone in the office] just before lunch. I heard a couple of folks walking past my office. One of them exclaimed 'best orange I ever had'. Frankly I have to agree.


Would like you to know we had to come back twice and get more oranges. They are some of the best we've ever tasted. Keep up the good work. We'll be coming back more often now that we know about you and your location.

Victorville, CA


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